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Lake Quartz Gallery is a local family-owned and operated Cambria Showroom and Premier Dealer with over 40 years of surface and countertop experience. This know-how allows us to provide industry-leading design consultation and installation services with a talented staff that brings over 150 years of combined experience to each project.

We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and hold an A Rating on We are happy to provide information from satisfied customers.


Yes, we offer in-home consultations. One of our consultants will visit you to discuss the details, design ideas and overall process to create your project. Call 216-267-7040 for free consultation. Or the contact page. Westlake location right off I-90.

Nothing. Our consultation and design are free.

Before your countertops are fabricated, we will visit your home to make a template or pattern to fabricate materials for your project. All sinks, appliances and plumbing products either need to be on-site or chosen before templating. We recommend you be present during the templating process to ensure the final product will be built the way you want it and that we have flawless communications.

Prior to the date of the template, we recommend you remove all items sitting on your countertops. This includes coffee makers, toaster oven, decorative pieces, etc. You DO NOT need to remove your sink and/or cooktop for the template.

Unlike other countertop providers, we can produce your template directly on your existing countertops. This means your current countertops do not need to be removed for the templating process, greatly reducing disruption in your home.

Lake Quartz’s design and consulting team are experienced, creative, organized and they listen to you. We design your countertops and other projects with your taste, your style and your functionality needs in mind.


Yes, we handle the entire process with our own trained and skilled staff. We also have honest partnerships with a select few contactors who bring years of experience to offer the best service possible.

Yes, on request. Check with us regarding any possible costs associated with dismantle and removal.

Depending on the project and how ready the area is for installation, it usually takes our highly professional installers approximately 2-4 hours. Time can vary if the project is more extensive or dismantle and removal of old counters is required. But all of this can typically be done on the same day.

Showroom samples give you an idea of what the material looks like.

Yes. We provide continuous customer service, personalized visits and any necessary repairs after your project is installed.


Granite and stones like marble and soapstone are 100% natural materials that are quarried from the ground, cut into blocks, then carved into slabs for fabrication. With all natural stones, what you see is what you get. Stone variations and color can change from slab to slab. Quartz, on the other hand, is a crystal that is mined from the ground, not quarried. Raw quartz crystals are then processed into aggregate for end-use products like countertop slabs. Quartz surfaces are produced with a man-made, engineered process, in a factory, using a resin binder or polymer with added colorants. They are then formed under intense heat and pressure to create the final substrate.

Quartz is a stone surface because quartz surfaces are manufactured using at least 90 to 95% quartz aggregate. Quartz surfaces have advantages. Because quartz countertops are man-made, there is total flexibility and control with styles, colors and patterns during manufacturing with consistent colors and patterns from production process to production process. Once the manufacturing is complete, quartz surfaces are not much different from a quarried natural stone. Controlled manufacturing also gives quartz surfacing the advantage of being extremely hard, durable and non-porous. Some quartz products feature built-in antimicrobial protection. In addition, because quartz is so hard and non-porous, sealing is not required.

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